Devised in 2013, EcoMuvi was created by applying the principles of environmental, social and economic sustainability to on-set life, in order to achieve a flexible protocol to be adapted to the needs of projects with varying degrees of complexity.

EcoMuvi analyses all phases of production and suggests proactive practices towards impact reduction and improvement of better working conditions along the supply chain: this process facilitates a greater sustainable transition for all the professionals and processes involved.


OUR IMPACT since 2013



-300 ton Co2eq

Direct emissions are reduced on EcoMuvi sets with concrete and measurable practises, all assessed on the field.



-1.420 kilograms

EcoMuvi reduces and differenciates waste, avoiding more than a ton of single use plastics so far.



+65% reuse

EcoMuvi programs usage of materials around renting, reuse, repurposing, and donation schemes, as per circular economy principles.

EcoMuvi works on set to concretely reduce the environmental&societal impact of each department and activity.

Certifying our efforts guarantees an attested assessment of the efforts made.

Compensating is simply the last resort.

Foto a colori dal set di Lazzaro Felice 2016

It works with you

EcoMuvi can be adapted to all parts of Italy and Europe. For a virtuous and complete application of EcoMuvi, productions will be able to employ an EcoMuvi manager, a consultant experienced in applying and auditing the protocol. This professional will proceed to design a plan of action comprising of the peculiar needs of each project and all local services, infrastructure, and suppliers.

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100% Certifiable

EcoMuvi rewards concrete, proactive practices and regards compensation solely as a last resort. It does so by following auditable criteria: EcoMuvi is in fact a totally certifiable sustainability protocol. The legitimacy of results is guaranteed by an Accredia independent certifying body accredited for the ISO IEC 17020 standard, which verifies both on set life and detailed documentation, resulting in a certificate of inspection, recognized both on national and international grounds.

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You can request that the protocol be sent to you via email at

Productions that wish to adopt the protocol will be supplied with simple instructions on how to use and communicate the EcoMuvi trademark.

They write about us...

Not just emissions

EcoMuvi allows for the calculation of direct Co2 emissions from all phases of production and more: EcoMuvi indeed embraces and goes beyond the concept of net zero emissions, by reporting on all, 360° degree indicators for environmental impact. This includes certified, regenerated resource acquisition, but also LCA of materials, animal welfare and biodiversity protection of locations and more. Measures of quality to to provide a comprehensive and professional picture of the production process.

It is for all

The most recent EcoMuvi update outlines a streamlined dedicated path for the reporting of agile projects such as short films and documentaries, as well as advertisements and music videos. Sustainability isn’t just for the big screen.

A culture of shared co-creation

It is believed that all steps in the right direction are positive steps forward. Hence tempesta’s, original creator and developer of the protocol, desire to freely open the use of EcoMuvi to all colleagues in the sector. In fact, tempesta believes that promoting a virtuosa working method, up-to-date and indeed a precursor for a shared future, is the best way towards a common sustainable development.

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