Independent and accredited certification to guarantee authoritative management of public and private funding.

EcoMuvi is certified by independent certifying bodies with accredited competences in environmental sustainability certification.

Introduction and aim

EcoMuvi promotes the prevention and reduction of the environmental impact of audiovisual sets, defining criteria to assess and certify the production’s performance rate in regards to an all-encompassing array of environmental targets. EcoMuvi is applied to obtain a certificate of conformity issued by a third-party accredited (Accredia) and independent certifying body. 

Fields of application

The protocol aims at evaluating, measuring, and certifying all environmental criteria in the phases of pre-production, shooting, and post-production.

EcoMuvi is applicable to audiovisual projects of varying scale and complexity: feature films as well as tv shows, documentaries, short movies, advertorials, music videos, and more, both in Italy and abroad. In order to ensure a concrete and viable methodology for all professionals, EcoMuvi identifies a streamlined workflow for agile projects -such as short movies and documentaries.

Technical & regulatory references

  • BS 8909 Specification for a sustainability management system for film.
  • ISO 20121 Sistemi di gestione sostenibile degli eventi – requisiti e guida per l’uso.
  • Defra Report: Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, nella versione corrente all’atto della certificazione
  • Global Reporting Initiative (GRI 204-301-302-303-305-306), nella versione corrente all’atto della certificazione

Evaluation system

Download the protocol structure to read in detail the actions and criteria on which the design, reduction, and certification of the impact of the set are based.

The PEF System groups all actions to be implemented, as they are found divided in the protocol, by their macro-thematic categories

  • Environmental governance
  • Resource use: organization, acquisition and disposal of materials
  • Waste management and disposal
  • Energy consumption
  • GHG emissions

All targets and action points are evaluated by the audit team of the certification body according to the following scale: 

  • 0 = unsatisfactory
  • 1 = satisfactory
  • 2 = highly satisfactory
  • NA = not applicable (based on project type)

Scores and Logos

Classic logo

25% - 79% PEF achieved

Excellence logo

80% - 100& PEF achieved